About Focal Point Artistry

Born of Odanak Abenakis and Metis decent in 1977, Jessica Somers was raised in a nurturing family with 3 siblings. She was greatly influenced by her grandmother who enjoyed creating scenic and wildlife paintings. Her father’s passion for carpentry and his hard work ethics and determination are what attributed to her success as an artist today.

Internally driven, and emotionally charged, Jessica’s original abstract art and mixed media pieces are unique and earthy.  Jessica enjoys working with a wide variety of mediums. Explosive abstract art paintings, contemporary mixed media collage art, reclaimed barn wood, spiritual native paintings, peeled poplar bark, birch bark paintings, turkey feathers and her intricate antique milk jugs and saws are just some of the styles you will uncover. Most recently, Jessica has been creating more intricate, non-conventional pieces that engage viewers to develop creative thinking, visual literacy and engage discussion of Indigenous issues that her people facing today. She has a deep respect for traditional and cultural teachings of Indigenous people.

Focal Point Artistry

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